First Class (2005) Photography, cm 80x100

Second Class (2005) Photography, cm 80x100

Third Class (2005) Photography, cm 80x100

Turin. Alternate Take (2006) Photography, cm 125x152

The Beginning (2006) Plastic panels, cm 66x96

Girls in the First Class (2006) Plastic panels, cm 66x96

The Second Class (2006) Plastic panels, cm 66x96

Iye Omoge (2006) Plastic panels, cm 112x147

The full account of the woman who used to work in Corso Regina Margherita can be heard in the web version of this project and forms the source from which some phrases have been extracted and inserted into the maps and on which the text accompanying the installation is based.
The Iye Omoge photographs were taken between 2005 and 2006. They are pictures of the work areas identified by the Nigerian women and a bird's eye view of the road, taken from a raised platform. Three photographs of identical size are entitled according to the partition of the areas (First Class, Second Class, Third Class). The fourth photograph is a larger one and is entitled Turin. Alternate Take.
The mapping reproduces this dimensional structure and the overall installation of the work creates a link between the two "triptychs" and the two large scale works. The four maps are cut out from plastic panels overlaid. There are numerous proofs of the maps, in various sizes and colours.

A virtual version of Iye Omoge can be visited online at:, then clicking on “Projects” and “Iye Omoge”.

IYE OMOGE (2005-2006)
Four photographs digitalised from negative, each forming a single work.
First Class, Second Class, Third Class (2005)
Lambda print, cm 80x100. Edition of 5 + 1 AP
Turin. Alternate Take (2006)
Lambda print, cm 125x152. Edition of 5 + 1 AP (cm 104x130)
Four panels of plastic material (polypropylene) overlaid and carved, each forming a single work
The Beginning (2006), cm 66x96. Unique
Girls in the First Class (2006), cm 66x96. Unique
The Second Class (2006), cm 66x96. Unique
Iye Omoge (2006), cm 112x147. Unique

Photographs by Piero Ottaviano

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