The Legacy (2008) Video 03:30. Still

Monument. Love (2008) Carved mdf and wood, cm 100x100x12 each

The Look of Love (2008) Video 02:10. Still

Monument (2008) Re-contextualised and assembled objects, cm 64x54x32

The project takes its title from one of the four works created between Italy and Slovakia at the beginning of 2008, invited as artist in residence by Stanica/Truc Spherique, a cultural organization in Žilina.

Two videos, one carved wood sculpture, one assemblage of re-contextualised objects, each forming a single work
The Legacy, Video 3:30, DVD. Unique
Monument, Re-contextualised and assembled objects, cm 12x52x160.  Unique
Monument (Love), Two sculptures, mdf and wood, cm 100x100x15 each  Unique
The Look of Love, Video 2:10.  Unique

The Legacy
Camera and editing by Antonio Lucarini
The Look of Love
Camera by Cristiano Berti
Editing by Antonio Lucarini