Licence to use images and texts
Cristiano Berti retains the copyright for all products of his work. It is not permitted to use the Artist's texts and images for any kind of commercial purpose.
Cristiano Berti gives permission to any interested parties to make reproductions of the materials (texts and images) available in this website, with the exception of the critical texts, whose copyright is held by the Author of each text. This licence is limited to reproductions for use in publications for cultural purposes only, either printed or virtual (as in blogs or websites). The licence is given subject to obtaining prior written consent from Cristiano Berti and under the condition that the Artist will be sent two copies of each printed material or the specific web link in the case of publications on the internet.
The User shall guarantee that the Artist’s moral rights are observed. The reproduced images shall be clearly attributed with “© [year of production] Cristiano Berti” under or over the images. The Artist may consent to not being named only in specific cases, limited by written agreement (meaning that the interested party must obtain the Artist’s written consent).
The Artist has the right of integrity, which is his right to object to material alterations, distortions or other derogatory treatments of his work that prejudice his integrity or reputation. The interested party must obtain the Artist’s written consent prior to altering the work (i.e. cropping or varying the colours of images).